In the Netherlands the indoor environment is unhealthy. High CO2 levels and unwanted fine dust are circulating in the air. With the high prices of energy this became problematic, indoor environments are fully closed of to reduce heat lose, creating an unventilated house.
With het gezonde huis (the healthy house) we created a tool to measure what you treasure, a healthy house. The tool gives insight in the air concentrations of unhealthy particles and provides a alarm when to ventilate.

Most houses have problematic indoor climates, creating mold, high CO2 and unhealthy fine particles. To goal is to make people aware of their environment, so they can act if necessary.

A bottom up / top down approuch: In the area we use the existing social structures to educate to concerned inhabitants and milieu coaches. The coaches help people to reduce theire energy consumption. With the help of 'het gezonde huis' they also point out the necessity to still ventilate your house and take steps to create a better indoor environment.

Smart city technology is used to give people a simple system without difficult start up procedures.

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